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About  floor plans...etc

etc is expanding  into a new dimension in our residential service offerings with the capability of providing professional looking floor plans to assist real estate professionals in the development of their marketing strategy. 

How can you make your listings stand out from the rest?
It's all in the presentation...Selling a house is presenting a house.
floor plans...etc specializes in creating high-quality floor plans to help you better market your listings.
Your website is the center of your online marketing strategy. You can include every floor plan directly onto your website or for printed display and brochure purposes, allowing visitors to explore and compare the interior of the home in their future.

Why provide floor plans?

1. Increase your number of prospective buyers: Photos and virtual tours are important tools now used by almost every real estate agent. Professionally crafted floor plans will make your listings stand out and help draw even more attention from prospective buyers.
2. The layout is important for buyers: Being able to visualize the layout of a property is not an easy task for the average buyer. What's even more difficult is for the buyer to remember the layout after visiting multiple properties. By providing our floor plans to your prospective buyers, you can ensure that the layout of your listing is easily understood and never forgotten.
3. Simple and efficient process: All you need to do is contact us to schedule the on-site measurement of your listing. Our professional team member will take interior measurements of the property on the scheduled day and time. We will then begin work on your custom floor plans. After we have finalized them, we will deliver your floor plans in a PDF format via email.  

Our full-service process includes:

On-site measurement of the property by experienced professionals.
Production of high-resolution floor plans customized to your specifications.
Electronic delivery of floor plans ready for web and print use in PDF files.